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    I have heard many of you say pages/products/merchant....havent had timeto make a page for that store etc..

    If you choose a product, would you make the page about the product, like say shoes, wouldyou call it a shoe page, or if it were cloudwalkers, you wouldcall it the cloudwalker shoe page?

    My confusion is because of a new page I am working on now, and I am loving the pricing and availabilty of the one merchant I am using. Willprobably mix it up with more merchants too, so do I call it the shoe store or adult shoes from great makers like cloudwalkers, or?

    thanks in advance
    Just looking for your expertise, style tidbits.

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    depends on many variables, like does the merchant allow their name to be used?

    also, what are people searching for? Are they searching for general terms - kids shoes, mens shoes, or more specifics like womens_casual_shoes, or brands?

    I would probably do something like this:
    mens> casual> loafers etc.
    dress >
    tennis shoes (or sneakers)
    womens> same as for mens...

    childrens> same as for mens

    I would build a whole site or a large number of pages and break it down by whats searched for most often.
    hope I was of some help.

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    Thanks yes you were, these were my thoughts, but just wasn't sure which way to go.

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