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    Why are fields with numbers suddenly adding decimal places?
    Why has one of my fields (formatted as a number) suddenly adding decimal points? That is, a number that appears as "10" now appears as "10.00." It's screwing up my merges, naturally. Any idea how to remedy this? (the data's being pulled from an access db.)

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    I don't think Webmerge does anything that can manipulate the data like that. It sounds like your source file has that column setup to use decimals. You may want to open it up and try changing it to a non-decimal format and see if that fixes the problem.
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    Thanks for the word. I had started to come to the same conclusion - and found (by checking my txt file exports) that some numbers were appearing (exporting) with the two decimal places. I'm not sure why unless it was access' "auto" decimal setting within the individual field's properties setting. I set the guilty parties to "0."

    Thanks again.
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