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    January 17th, 2005
    Got an email today wanting me to promote famousfootware. LOL....I was terminated a few weeks ago, or did you forget you canned everyon?

    Suggestion ...perhaps keep the emails seperate on the shoes, or is kicking everyone out too? In other words, write for, famous footware, etc. They are 3 different affiliate programs and deserve 3 different emails. After all you only kept 50 or so of your top affiliates for famous footware, I'm sure your 3000 or so affiliates like myself with appreciate having famous footware rubbed in our faces.

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    I think has been sniffing their own smelly shoes for too long! I've also been terminated from their program and now asked to promote

    Get a CLUE Famous Footwear! Do you really expect to burn half your affiliates on one program and then expect them to happily promote your other program? Lead the lemmings off the cliff.

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    I have decided to put all of my time and effort into promoting my top 50 merchants. But thank you for applying to my program. There are thousands of other affiliates available to you through CommissionJunction, you should not have any trouble recruiting a few.

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