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    821 is a good example. I find lots of pages like this. I get the idea, however, I can't seem to find a resource for the program, so I'm assuming it's one organization that buys domains and target the data results accordingly?

    Thanks, Jim

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    I think this is the hong-kong mob that buys expired domains by the truckload.
    They then just show some PPC affiliate listings (ie, findwhat, goclick etc).

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    They are domain name squatters with a lot of good names in various categories.
    They set up "search engines" on all of these domains while they are in limbo (waiting for someone to buy them).
    In my opinion, 100% of traffic from them is fraudulent.
    I get bursts of traffic from a bunch of these within a day or two of adding a new findwhat listing. In every case it is one or two clicks from each, often on listings that are buried at 60 or 70 position. Never another click again from any of them.

    Imagine how much you could make if you could get 1/2 cent (or whatever it is that Findwhat pays its partners) for virtually every listing in the findwhat database.

    Sounds like a pretty good frikin check to me.

    Findwhat is not concerned about this, as "Ultimate Search" boosts their revenue by generating gazillions of billable clicks.

    HeHe I'm starting to sound like Mike [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    F@#K Findwhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hate Ultimate Search and also . I believe they're the best domain squatters in the world today. They're picking all good domains that expire :mad:

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