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    Adsense and other ad companies
    How do I know whether or not I can use Adsense with other Ad companies? I really like Adsense and am making some good revenue but want to use other ads from other people as well.

    I heard Google frowns on this and could lead to being permanently banned which is not a good thing.

    What about a place like Clicksor? Can I use both Adsense and Clicksor on the same webpage? What about any other Ads here listed at ABestWeb?

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    Your best bet is to fire off an email to google adsense and ask them. I have seen pages with other contexual ad networks on them but I wouldnt do it without asking them first, just to be safe.
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    Clicksor is contextual advertising which can't be used on the same pages as Adsense - none can. You can use affiliate links or banners, those aren't contextual - you choose which to promote so they work differently.

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