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    What conversion should I expect?
    Hi there, I am a newbie affiliate setting up a website in the travel sector, hoping to drive sales to travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Can anyone help me roughly predict what % of my traffic will convert into sales for these sites? I am trying to figure out how much traffic I need to generate to reach a certain level of revenue.

    Thank you!

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    There's no way to predict that. Too many factors influence your conversion rate. How targetted your pages are, how targetted your traffic is ...... among many other things.

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    If you've got very targeted traffic you may be able to convert one in every 25 clicks, but if you don't you may not get a sale for over 500 to 5000 clicks. There's really no average and as Trust said there are too many factors.

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    It also depends on your marketing techniques and communications plans. Ask your AMs to help you with them and to show you what seems to work internally with them.

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    You should ask the affiliate manager of the program you're going to promote. They will usually tell you the conversion rate people get, take that number and cut it in half and use that as your target since some people tend to embellish or only give you the best case scenario.

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