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    Talking Using Geolocation/Geotargetting Services
    Me again. I've got a couple of sites where I'd like to target visitors from different countries, and offer them affiliate links based on their location. For instance, show one type of banner/link to a visitor from the US, and another for a visitor from the UK.

    There are a couple of sites out there that charge a fee (not too expensive, but more than I'd like to pay) for a database of IPs or an API to implement.

    Then I found:

    Which offers a free, community regulated geolocation database. So far, it's worked well (in testing). What I wanted to know was whether anyone has used this particular site/service before, and what you thought of it?

    Or, on the flip side, another service that you've possibly used that you liked?

    Just looking for opinions. Thanks!

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    I have found PHPAdsNew and MaxMediaManager to be useful for geotargetting. They are completely free. See here.

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    You might also want to check:

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    Ok, thanks for the suggestions Azam and MC. Will check on them today and see what they're all about.

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