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    Has affiliate program forum gone or was I dreaming it ever existed. Have had a bottle of father in laws wine (trodden with his own feet - no yeast added, just the fungus present between his toes) so maybe my eyes are impaired.

    Anyway, wondered whether eBay are going to kill off affiliate programs. They offer a good $5 commission for a sign up, but could not possibly receive $5 per sign up for most things sold on eBay. Surely they are trying to get affiliates to promote eBay to such a point that eBay becomes known worldwide as the place to get things cheap. A household name. I need to buy some shoes - Oh, OK, check eBay.

    With so many affiliates promoting them this wont take long. Then they cut their affiliate program and make lots of dosh. Affiliates will find it increasingly difficult to make sales as everyone will just go to eBay to buy most of the stuff we sell.

    Am I seriously deluded and in need of psychiatric help, or has this wine just addled my reasoning centres of the brain (funny how alcohol affects different regions of the brain in different ways isn't it).

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    Then you just promote bidz or Ubid, their competitors! Affiliate Marketing requires adaptability, that's for sure....

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    eBay is going to be making some major changes later this year. They are going to allow multiple items to be sold on one listing, as well as have items listed that aren't up for auction.

    The seller quotes a price in the listing, if you want it, it's yours! Kind of like the "Buy It Now" program, only no option to bid.

    With the recent announcement of aquiring PayPal, it sounds to me like eBay is well into the process of positioning themselves to become a full-fledged online retailer, they just won't supply any of the merchandise.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Has affiliate program forum gone or was I dreaming it ever existed. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>It looks like it now goes by the name of Other Ad Networks

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    eBay buying 100% of PayPal for stock sure muddies the waters. They want those leads to suck bucks from cradle to grave on your visitors. Give them to eBay and you'll never earn a penny on them again of eBay has it's way. Did anyone find out if eBay chops off the tracking cookie days after the first signup to eliminate the 5.00 bidd if not place that session??? If so then we need to boycott eBay for fraud reasons. Promise us 5.00 spiffs and make 90% of that promise a impossibility.

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