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    Question Are LinkShare DataFeeds Uniform?
    when I first got my CJ datafeeds everyone had a different delimter, category breakdown and so on. Difficult to work with across merchants, if combining them in one site. Is it the same with LinkShare? No uniformity? Thanks. I ask because I'd have to pay for the feeds and I'm not sure I want to.

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    If it is from Linkshare's merchandizer, it should be the same
    they have a format

    as for feed like our which is outside of LS and free, there is no standardization. What I designed a feed for another company and I also look at what companies like, nextag, etc are requiring and put it on our feed + more fields.

    If you do not want to pay, look for companies that have feeds outside. Just to name a few
    5) (not 100% sure)

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    They'll all have the same format and fields, but how the fields are used varies widely. Categories are not consistent at all. Image sizes vary. There are two pricing fields, and which one or ones are used varies. The description fields vary widely in regards to size, HTML or text, which one is used (there are two), etc. How the Availability field is used varies. There are ten "extra fields" and their use varies.

    To some extent, this could/should be standardized. To another extent, this amount of flexibility is needed to handle the natural diversity from merchant to merchant or product line to product line.

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    Thanks. It sounds just like CJ then. What a pain.

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