When I update my txt file, the one with all the facts and figures (as exported from Access) - and then try to rebuild pages using webMerge, I find that it will not use the new file until I re-attach the "exported"/source file. First question: Is this actually necessary?

Next: Under that "sources" tab I have to reselect the presets. 2nd question: Is this necessary?

Then, once I've had to do that I have to re-select anything with a dropdown field (that is: "sort records by field," "name based on contents of field," etc.) which leads to question number 3: Is this really necessary or am I missing some setting that makes this app remember this stuff?

All in all, now that I have 5 files in one sequence and 4 in another, this is proving to be a major pain - my brain is going to explode. How the devil am I supposed to generate a second or third group of files based on other settings files - if I have to go through every setting file, one at a time and all but rebuild each?