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    Question What does Low Funds Condition mean?
    I was examining a merchant program update history and it had:

    Merchant xxxxxx has a status of Low Funds
    Merchant xxxxxx has added funds to relieve the Low Funds condition.

    It had a lot of them.

    What does this mean and should I stay away? It doesn't sound like a good thing.

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    This is the way that I understand it as a LAYMAN.

    The merchant has an escrow fund from which the affiliates are payed. If that fund sinks below a predefined level then it is classed as a "LOW FUNDS" condition. Also, if the fund is depleted all links are temporarily disconnected.

    Two reasons that this may happen.
    1....Merchant is just lax on depositing money into this account.
    2...Affiliates are selling faster than expected and the fund sinks to low level.

    Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to tell which reason the Merchant falls under.
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    It also means that soon the merchant links will go dead. Make sure your redirect is setup for dead links in SAS just in case.

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    Brian or Carolyn, maybe you can speak to this if it's changed, but it's well documented at Abestweb that the Low Funds criteria for Shareasale CAN (not always) be a bit misleading.

    The merchant sets the payment threshold for auto deposit, or for when they receive the low funds warning from SAS.

    Bear in mind, that the threshold can be very high, meaning they may have enough money deposited to pay commissions for another full month (thousands of dollars, potentially). However, they will still show as Low Funds.

    The challenge is, you as an affiliate have no idea how much money is left. Therefore, I was hoping that SAS would change that parameter. I don't believe they did, but they may have.
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