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    Custom Product Link problem
    So many of the merchants I'd like to affiliate to do not have feeds, so for some I am custom-building pages with custom product links.

    For one the links do not work at all. Are there certain types of pages where the link builder won't work? These are index.php pages, not .html -- would that matter at all?

    Here's my affiliate shop page where I am having problems:

    Most of the links bring up blank pages.

    Thanks in advance...

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    jrotem, do you want sugar-coated, polite responses or candid, up-front opinons?

    If you can handle bluntness, here it is. First off, when domains cost $9 or less a year, and hosting is $4.95 a month for multi-domain hosting (check out FastNext, that's all it is), there's no reason to be chintzy and put stuff on a completely different topic on a sub-domain.

    Secondly, this is something that needs to be dealt with, with one of your merchants. When the file size of one single product photo is close to 100K it's a serious problem for not only the merchant but also for their affiliates, whose pages will be dog-slow loading because of those unnecessarily HUGE file sizes.

    .php or .html file extensions make absolutely no difference, that isn't the issue.
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    Thanks for your reply but perhaps you did not understand my question. The SAS custom link builder issue in this case has nothing to do with image size or my use of a subdomain. I already have an excellent host, thanks, and if there is a reason not to use a subdomain I'll be happy to read about that once i get my custom link issue figured out.

    Hope someone from SAS or ABW can give me insights about why the link builder isn't working in this case.
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    Help from SAS staff maybe?
    *bump* Hoping some SAS staff will see my question and jump in

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    Not sure why the custom link tool isn't working correctly, however I do see what is wrong with your links. They aren't being properly encoded.

    Here's your link:

    Here's what it should be:

    You see how we encoded the "?", "=" and "&" in the original URL?

    I pulled this from our Help Topics, if you walk through the steps, you should be able to figure it out. Hope that answers your question!

    Detailed instructions for affiliates looking to automate the process of creating custom product links.

    You can create your own product links if a merchant has not provided any. The first step is to grab a standard text link for the merchant. A standard text link will look like this: This is only an example link. You will need to get a valid text link from the correct merchant's program

    Where the XXXX is replaced with your Affiliate ID number.

    The next step is to find the URL for the product page that you want users to see. For this example, lets say we want to redirect folks to this help page ( First, we drop the http:// from the front of the URL, which leaves us with this:

    We then need to replace some special characters if they exist.

    * Replace any question marks (?) with %3F
    * Replace any equals signs (=) with %3D
    * Replace any ampersands (&) with %26

    We now have the following:

    We are now ready to create our link. Start with the standard text link:

    And add the phrase &urllink= to the end, giving us this

    Then, add the product URL that we created to the end, to give us our final link:

    Please note that some links already have a URLLINK= parameter in them. Don't add a second one, just add your url to the existing one. So if your starting link looks like this:

    Your final link should look like this:
    ShareASale Client Services
    Y!: SAS_CTang
    e: ctang(at)

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    I don't use php, only html, so I don't know if this will work for you or not. Instead of using the "Get Specific Product Linking Code" I use "Create a Custom Link to a Page" for linking to a product. It works great and needs no changes or encoding of special characters. The process is slow if you are linking to many products but, it works everytime without failure. Hope this helps.


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    This is what I am talking about that doesnt work. I guess I really haven't been clear! But thanks for chiming in

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