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    I have been involved with this affiliate marketing for over 3 years now and what I have observed is a lot of familiar faces have disappeared. The ones that have stuck around seem to be incredibly sharp people that have educated themselves on marketing and technology quite thoroughly. I see more AM's active here than I used to and I also see more international affiliates (as a percentage of total) than I used to.

    I remember just 3 years ago how a complete newbie like myself could create some pages with a PSC creator, do a little quick SEO, and start making money on the pages within a month. Then came the dupe filters. Then came the algorithm changes. Then came the PPC changes. Now, the SERPS are flooded with machine-generated pages and sites. It's one thing after another.
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    Yup. Some folks got out, some went over to the dark side, some became merchants, but it seems like most people have diversified in some way. I remember Haiko talking about that over a year ago. In this industry you either respond to change or die.

    Lately there are a lot of new names and it seems the list of old names gets smaller all the time.

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    Cheesehead, at least you had been before:
    I remember just 3 years ago how a complete newbie like myself could create some pages with a PSC creator, do a little quick SEO, and start making money on the pages within a month.
    I want to write something about my past experience but never get to start and here comes your simple and straight forward message which I think many of us are experiencing.

    I always think that affiliate marketing is just like catching the moving train. In the earlier days of the locomotive, i.e the steam engine run train, where it is slow and many who cannot afford to buy ticket can always chase after it and got a free ride at the tail end of it.
    Than came the more faster fuel run engine, and for some who can run fast will still be able to get a free ride but for most either they are caught or they simple cannot outrun the train.
    Now with the speed of the train like a bullet, that's why its call the bullet train, practically no one can catch the train by running after it. Even if you can catch it, there is no way you can board it.

    Yes, its truly one thing after another and many are falling along the sidewalk.
    Even if you have the cash to buy ticket, there is no guaranttee that you can secure a place.

    We are being advised by the experts here to read through these forum for the helpful guidance which many do and some are getting results from it.
    This is like the train theory, we start reading and applying them to our site and when its ready, a new change comes around and we will come back here to ask questions and getting the answers to start all over again. If you read and act fast you might be able to catch it and flow with the tide and if you are slow, you will be swept away by the changes.

    Most of all, you must have the patience and money to carry out all sorts of trial and error before you can get it right. You must be able to read between the lines and understand fully all the advises that are being given through this forum. Many advises here are truly applicable if you understand and act on it with speed.

    These are just my theory or assumptions.


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    I would have not survived this long but my strategy is to have many opportunities, markets and always try new things and keep optimizing older sites. Listen & learn and ask, get involved and make it your business and commit to it completely. There is still a long way to go but I'm managing to pay my daily bills at least for now... I first started this game back on the late 90's but someone influential told me to stick to designing, that was not a good idea as I only realized in last 2 years I do prefer designing but I can't really design the way I want and be creative unless I first have the type of business I like. Been a web designer/developer for other clients was something I disliked mostly although it was sure money but now I feel I have the freedom I really want in my life and it's very exciting although I'm not getting rich yet but there is lots of potential to go far... I won't be going anywhere as I'm committed to this and I will still be in this business in 5 years time unless I have retired ;0

    I think the advice about been able to change is important too
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    You are right Cheese for sure.

    90% of affiliates who started three years ago are no longer actively doing affiliate marketing. That may not paint a very optimistic picture for some, while others understand the reality and have learned to stay on the curve as the internet changes. Either way, it mirrors the attrition rate for all new businesses, online or offline.

    Approximately 92% of new businesses (online & offline) close in the first three years. Of course with the internet, the 90 out of 100 who come and go are replaced with 1,000 replacements. A small percentage perservere, learn, work hard, work smart and find the keys to the castle. I firmly believe that those who dig in, work hard to learn the ropes, and are funded adequately crack the code and those who do not at least learned something they didn't know before - so there's a bright side to everything.
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    I think success depends on the how and why you got into affiliate marketing.

    The post about catching a moving train reminded me that many people sign up for affiliate marketing the same way they might join a multi-level marketing organization to sell a product. They buy into the pitch that all they have to do is pay for the starter kit and then sign up other people and BINGO, they're rich!

    If you're going to be a long-term success you have to realize what your actual position in the food chain is. That's the only way you can decide how to approach your business model and then stay on top of your game. You can not do it all at once or all over the board.

    If you are an affiliate marketer, then you are probably an advertising publisher using electronic means to feed ads to the public. Another possibility is that you are the equivilent of a newstand / bookstore selling specific information for commission. There are no rules that say you can't be both or develop something other than that, but my point is that when some people start they are just a starter kit and a dream and they never progress from there because they get frustrated.

    Now - let's say you're the ad publisher - do you want to be the electronic version of a subway placard or are you more like Vogue magazine? You have to know what your format and your topic is before you can make use of good advice. Do you want to spend your life writing copy for a classified ad or do you want to entice people to buy what you're selling so they can live happily ever after?

    I think when you find someone successful, you'll find someone who tried things they understood until something worked. Then they tried to replicate that success with a different topic / product until they figured out what it was they were doing right. They didn't quit after trying every new ebook formula or get rich quick scheme - they just figured out who they were in the grand scheme of things and kept doing it until they were good at it.

    Once you figure out how to sell something on the internet (ads, shoes, books, image, service) then you just have to decide what else there is that you can sell with the same method until you make enough money to go back to the drawing board and expand your education.

    Everything changes continuously. Business models have to change to adapt to the marketplace. It doesn't matter whether you work at the biggest Corporation in the world or in your basement by candlelight. The internet offers exciting possibility to the masses because the construction costs are pennies per sq foot and the market is global. Everything in between occurs in the theatre of the mind. Are you writing the script or are you producing someone else's play for free?

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