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    I was just checking the visits by spiders in my traffic stats, and I saw one called WebZIP that I had never seen before. So I did a search on "WebZIP spider" and this site poppped up:


    For only $39.95 ... WebZIP will download an entire Web site or section of a site and save all the files in their native HTML format, maintaining the original file names and directory structure to provide an exact mirror of the Web site on your local hard disk.

    You can then view this downloaded content offline using your preferred browser, archive it for future reference, or it on the road with you, wherever fast access to Web information is required.

    Does this mean that for only $39.95 somebody can take all your hard work and use it for themselves? Or does it create read-only files?

    They have another product called "iRippa." Sounds more like "I-Rippa-You-Off." One of it's features is Web developers can save Web pages and study the source HTML, or create a folio of different pages, each containing a different element of Web design to use for future reference.

    They even have an affiliate program paying $10 per sale.

    Am I over-reacting or is this something to be concerned about? My stats show 982 hits from WEbZIP on one day.


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    Don't know if you're over-reacting. I used to use WebZip a lot when I was on dialup. I could download whatever I wanted to read and then read off-line. I registered mine and got rid of ads, which seemed to keep on showing up anyway, and when they switched from zip files to regular files I didn't like how much room it took on my old puter... short story is I don't use it anymore and I never used it for site copying.

    I'm sure you could block it easily enough. Some folks do so just to make sure a server doesn't get overloaded.

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