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    Choosing a merchant
    I am a newbie who hastraveld to Vegas extensively and stayed in almost every major resort in the city. I am writing very detailed reviews and posting trip pictures on my site. I am unsure if I should affiliate with Orbitz, Travelocity, MGM-Grand or someone else. Expedia scared me with their 500k penalty clause.

    I like Orbitz's 30 day return policy, which Travelocity doesn't seem to have. However, with hotel prices in Vegas so high, the precentage method offered through Travelocity is attractive. Please help.


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    one more question
    Sorry, forgot to post this before.

    I read that Orbitz had some reporting problems and that sales had dropped dramatically for unexplained reasons. Are these things true and have they been solved?


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    PM the orbitz rep.
    Angela. She lurks around here

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    which network is orbitz on? Just curious. I met the AM for Wynn Las Vegas at CJU and her program seems pretty good. You might want ot look into vegas programs like that and atractions as well as travel. I am sorry for not giving you her name but I don;t know if she would want it posted. She is an extremely friendly person and seems to be heavily on top of things.

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    Try the travel programs managed by Michael Nunez.

    EasyClickTravel & LastMinuteTravel

    Find him here:

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    Yikes! Tom, where have you heard this maliciousness? If you've had issues yourself, please let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKdka
    I am unsure if I should affiliate with Orbitz, Travelocity, MGM-Grand or someone else.
    Why not work with ALL of them? Some customers will have preferences about which one they use, and a handy link from your page to their favorite will likely be used. Measure the results from all of them, and adjust their placements.
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    Travelocity, priceline, expedia, orbitz all convert very well, expecially in the busy travel season.

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