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    Help with meaning of data
    At the risk of sounding disfunctional todayl..........Would someone please explain this data to me? found:
    Backlinks: 221
    Domains: 33

    Indexed links Indexed websites
    Google 5 49
    Yahoo 213 26
    Msn 16 33

    I checked one of my sites for backlinks and this is what I found. I checked the list of 33 domains and I have never heard of most of them.

    Is this good/bad or is there something that I need to watchout for?

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    Without more information, I may be wrong, but I don't think you have to worry about not hearing of the 33 domains. If your content is usefull, hopefully you will pick up links from all kinds of places referencing it. That is good stuff when that happens.

    There are a few times when inbound links may be an indication that something is amiss, like if someone is scraping your content, leaving the links intact and blasting it all over the place, but there would be more than 33 if that was the case usually.

    Hope that helped a little.

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    nothing to worry about, naturally occuring - well, natural isn't the right word, but they "happen" - backlinks come and go and aren't a problem...

    if you want me to identify a problem, it's that you don't recognize any sites where you inbound links (IBLs) are coming from... two points here:

    +if you've been busy acquiring them over the long haul, you'd know lots of them - so i'm guessing you'll need to start working on getting quality, relevant IBLs (if you want seo traffic)

    +not recognizing them hints to me that they are likely scraper type sites and are possibly not the most relevant of IBLs - these won't do much, if anything, for your seo. focus on IBLs that come from sites that would matter to your visitors and are centered on what your site is about. go too far off the periphery and the IBLs don't mean bunk. Google's number suggestion for webmasters is:
    "Have other relevant sites link to yours."

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