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    Has anyone noticed any additional quality checks?
    I'm curious as to whether anyone has experienced increases in CPC costs by Google Adwords (i've heard of one or two having been affected so far)?

    I understand that some changes were being made, and I'm curious as to whether they've started the latest round (I haven't seen any increases yet).

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    Well, sort of. I made the mistake of subdomaining instead of using a different domain for each of my different campaigns/products, so the "Google-Slap" hit me across the board in July. I've been cautiously revamping my sites and landing pages and putting them back into AdWords. With one new campaign, about a day after I put it up, they inactivated a few of the misspelled keywords for some reason but didn't drive everything up as before. Otherwise my old campaigns are still dead and I'm not sure if they've run another round of landing page bot-ing since then. I'm still wary and probably won't try to get all of my campaigns up again as I had pre-July, for fear of doing a ton of work for nothing due to another whack. The least Google can do is work with people who are serious about getting their ads running; provide a level of support that helps clients actually make the changes necessary. All they do is provide a vague page full of broadly defined "guidelines". This is unacceptable for a company that sells advertising. Would any newspaper, for example, not try to work with their own customers so that they can sell more space?

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    Yes and no...

    Targeting merchant home pages on DTM I see costs move up, but I think that is a "natural" occurance anyway, when the targeting is off.

    On targeting product pages on new DF sites, I don't see any movement at all.

    I think it was mentioned that the relevance knob had been tweaked.

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