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    Payment for non-US residents

    I just joined the Linkshare as an affiliate. Are there any other non-US affiliates who can give advice?

    I'm from Malaysia. Would like to get advice from the people as to what payment options are available for affiliates in Malaysia?

    Is check the only (and default) option?
    If it is, then what would be the best payment threshold to put, based on experience on overseas commission charges.. etc


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    Selamat datang Eddy,

    Unfortunately, I don't think that Malaysia is on the direct deposit list.
    International check may be your only option.

    From the Linkshare Affiliate Resource International Direct Deposit FAQ:

    Q:What Countries can receive direct deposit under this program?
    A: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

    Q:How will US dollar commissions be deposited into foreign accounts?
    A: Our direct deposit provider is able to exchange US dollar amounts into local currency amounts during the payment transfer. The exchange rate will be set using the bank's rate on the day of the transfer. Affiliates will see the deposit as showing in their accounts as a local currency deposit.

    Q:What Local Currencies do we now support for deposit?
    A: US Dollars (US and Canada), Australian Dollars (Australia), Euros (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and the UK), Canadian Dollars (Canada), Peso (Mexico), New Zealand Dollars (New Zealand), Pound Sterling (UK) and Swiss Franc (Switzerland). Canadian affiliates can choose either to receive payments into a Canadian or US Dollar account, while UK residents can choose either to receive payments into a Euro or Pound Sterling account.

    Selamat berjaya

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    give them a few years before they get there
    i have seen quite a few m'sian affiliates but none who are super yet..
    or none that i know

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    In a nut shell

    Check in US Dollars is your only option at present. So put your threshold fairly high so that you don't get mini checks that cost more to process than they are worth.

    And I am in need of Asia based partners right now for a SEA lead gen client, drop me a mail please chris /at/ amwso \dot\ com


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