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    Question Is there any hosting that doesn't have a sucks page?
    Sorry if that title offends you. I have been looking for a good hosting services for Linux. I have looked at many, and I admit I am cheap, but liked the packages offered by (no particular order):


    I liked these because they had (I think) unlimited domains (not bluehost 6).

    I know I am going to get what I pay for, but I don't want to get that burnt.

    My title was so written because when I Google somehostingcompany sucks, they all have one! I'm not really asking for new recommendations, but they are welcome. I didn't want to start yet another hosting recommendation thread. I just wanted some feedback on these. Thanks.

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    I just wanted some feedback on these...
    You know why I like Customer Care. Even though I don't use support that often, it's the fact that they take initiative (such as phone calls) to make sure customers are happy. Even the president of the company takes time to email all 200,000 customers when anything is amiss. I feel that those actions alone mean, in the very least, that they are out there to make sure that customers are happy, and that all of their services work as expected, or better. As of now, I've yet to have any issues or complaints.

    Compare that to some of the other hosting companies and their policies. I don't mind paying a few dollars more for this service - and will be happy to do so for as long as I need shared hosting - just as long as they keep providing that level of service.

    I know I am going to get what I pay for..
    That pretty much sums it all up in one statement (it's proven true countless times for me..)

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    jacked by sylon
    I also use bluehost and run scripts there and I have never had any trouble there either.

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    I signed up at BlueHost. Thanks!

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