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    Okay, I'm gonna pick your brains here a little... How long do you wait before you decide a product or merchant is a non-performer? How many clicks w/no sales? I would assume this would vary according to item, also - for example, on my site, I would figure I'd sell $30 yoga mats a lot more frequently than $2000 home gyms. Also, how often do you think that maybe it's the way you're presenting the non-selling item and decide to rethink your approach? What are your, say, "rules of thumb" on these matters?

    My affiliate branch hasn't been up all that long, but I do eventually want to separate the keepers from the laggers - and I always keep an eye out for when my own approach is wrong, too.

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    I just recently had this same problem. I had a very high click-thru on a link in one of my main spots, but it didn't convert for crap. Let's say 1 sale for over 2,000 click-thru's.

    I was beginning to think my tracking code got messed up. After about two months, I just dumped the link because for some reason it didn't convert. I emailed the affiliate program and asked them for suggestions on why it's not converting, but they never responded. It was

    Probably because the price was too high. Oh well, they got some good traffic from me, but not anymore.

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