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    Payment on or by Nov 22nd...
    I am not sure this thread will help at all. Or, if CJ people still browse these forums. But, I figure every little bit might help...

    Considering that the 22nd this month is the day before Thanksgiving, if CJ mis-steps here, with the Holiday and the Weekend, we may not get paid until the 27th.

    So, CJ, if you are listening, please pay us by the 22nd. I would really appreciate it.

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    Now this is a funny thread.

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    Pay us the 28th CJ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that way I won't get it until the 1st come on CJ do it for me

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    have commissions locked yet for you guys, it's the 10th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lulav
    have commissions locked yet for you guys, it's the 10th?
    Not this early in the day. In fact mine don't usually lock until the 11th.

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    Mine started locking yesterday and are mostly locked up by now, very good sign for timely payment this month.


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