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    November 9th, 2006
    Arrow Sell backlinks (text links), how to do it?

    Can you guys help me with info how and where to sell backlinks (text links).

    I have over 100 pure white hat sites PR4,2,1's with no AdSense on them and they are all indexed
    in google yahoo & msn. Also, this sites have regularly addede unique content which have big impact
    on Search Engines spiders from Google, Yahoo, MSN and other SE. The backlink and indexing activitiy
    from this sites has been incredible when I test it on my new site. This site get in google in 2 days, so
    I think there is some value in this links and I can sell them?

    Does anybody have any idea where I can start? I realy appreciate any and all comments,
    because I'm in desperate spot and need to get some cash!

    Thank you.

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    November 8th, 2006
    It depends somewhat on what industries the sites are in. Industry specific forums are usually decent places to sell links, but when you first join it is sometimes hard to sell them because no-one knows you.

    Probably not the best way, but I have generated a few link sales in the past by simply placing a "Your link here" link on the site and pointing it to a page explaining the cost, length, etc. for the links.

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    Hi Kalisekj,
    You might want to look into Text Link Selling Networks. They work much the same as affilaite networks like ShareASale or Commission Junction. Here's a few I'm familiar with: (I've met these folks at trade shows and seem to be decent folk)

    (I've seen both of these guyz ad boxes on a lot of sites) (look at their Publisher section)
    (I've seen their ad boxes on a lot of sites)

    There's a lot of players in this space. Do a google search for "buy text link ads" and you'll see what I mean.

    I envy you position. Good luck.


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