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    Links out of your PPC landing pages
    I've been reading blogs and affiliate help sites about Google's relatively new landing page quality guidelines for PPC/AdWords, and many people now agree that you need a "real website" (multi-page site tied together with a main page) and no longer can use one page landing pages in order to pass Google's hit-or-miss algorithms. The problem is, one of the suggestions I'm seeing quite a lot is to have links from your landing pages to other parts of your full website/domain. I can think of two that could help: a separate Privacy page and a Contact/About Us page. That'll give you two links that keep within your domain.

    Obviously as an affiliate you have to have outbound links to your merchants, but apparently these are not going to help Googlebot's quality score; it's the "lateral" links to other parts of your own domain. But having these links flies in the face of one of the most harped-on points of successful affiliate marketing: keep the visitor on your page and just refer them forward to the merchant after they've been pre-sold on the product. If I've got links that go back to my domain's home page, and other pages, that pulls the visitor away from the pre-selling landing pages and I will clearly lose some of them.

    Any suggestions on how to make this work?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Any suggestions on how to make this work?
    It's not as airtight as could be, but today I finished a site with a sales letter on the home page, and linked to 20 product pages.

    I placed all my links at the bottom of the page about a half screen below the end of the letter.

    This way G sees the links, and the visitor should only be interested in them if the sales letter didn't work.

    Also, if they click on one of those links and navigate to another page on my site, I still have a shot at them.

    I just ran some AW bids and it liked my site - for now anyway!

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