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    Excellent Blog Strategy Conversation
    Hi Folks,

    I listened to a recorded conversation last night between Dave Taylor and Durk Price on blog strategy and finding long-term success that comes from thoughtful blogging and web content publication in general. Since Durk is an Affiliate guy, much of the discussion focuses on blogging in the Affiliate space. I thought it might be helpful for some of you.. large download but worth it IMO.

    AvantBlog: "Dave hits on how someone can become an expert in time just by starting a blog on a topic they're interested in. The nature of fully involving oneself in the process of watching an industry, then blogging about it will help establish them as an authority..."

    Read more or download mp3...
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    Thanks Gary for posting it. I listened to it but had a few so am gonna go back later and listen to it again. Durk sure is a busy little guy between all them affiliates, his blogging and everything else he does. Makes me appreciate him even more that he's taken the time to email me when he has.

    One of my other aff. mgrs. has been suggesting that I do a blog for a while now (ummm he thinks I'm a natural cos of my long emails lol ) don't think I'd have time before the holidays but after the new year think I'm gonna seriously try to learn more about it. Haven't done any cos I don't think of myself as an expert on anything but after listening to this....they don't seem to think you have to be. Have done one little practice type blog for another site but gonna try to get serious after listening to this. Thanks again

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