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    Hosted forum and social networking applications?

    Does anyone have recommendations for hosted forum and social networking applications?

    I'm not the most technical person. I always figured that technology would get to the point where I could plug my domain names into hosted applications and then provide the sales, marketing, and content efforts.

    For example, I'm not technical enough to create a data feed driven shopping site, but now I can use a program like GoldenCan to offer updated feeds on my shopping domain names. I haven't been happy with GoldenCan, but I know that some of the big shopping comparison and coupon sites will be offering their technology to be used on other domains soon. It would be so great to offer my community a personally branded shopping experience built on the strong technology of the big shopping sites.

    I also use a hosted blog application called soapblox where my blog is run by soapblox and all I do is create content, test ads, and drive traffic to the site. People can login to post comments and diaries. It is my content, but I don't have to create or be responsible for the technology, hosting, upgrades, etc...

    Along these lines, I'm looking to build communities with more of my domain names. I found some hosted forums, but they seem to be sponsored by ads I won't have control over. I also found a social networking application called OneSite, but I'm not sure I want a mySpace type of site.

    I believe these types of hosted applications will continue to be developed. It should shift the online playing field away from the technology wizards and towards the sales and marketing wizards. (I don't qualify as either)

    Does anyone have suggestions for the best hosted applications?

    Do you think these types of applictions will continue to allow non-technical people to build branded communities and succeed on the web?
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    What exactly are you wanting to do? We have integrated blogging, websites and social networking all in one application with the freedom for you to show what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OICUAM2
    Does anyone have recommendations for hosted forum and social networking applications?

    Does anyone have suggestions for the best hosted applications?
    Google "Unlimited Collaboration Engine"

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    Post Civixx
    Hi Oicuam,

    Civixx has a nice hosted social networking and blogging platform.


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