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    January 17th, 2005
    I'm relatively new to the affiliate game but love it and this board and been very helpful. Thanks to everybody for the advice. I think that (most)everybody would agree out of the big 4 LS, CJ, BeFree, Performics, that Performics and CJ are the best. We're all here to make money so why dont LS and BeFree get with it. You guys are supposed to be helping your advertisers make money. Take a look at what CJ and Performics do and make some changes:
    1) Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate payments. Common Sense here, its cheaper for you guys to send 1 check a month than many. If you consolidate payments you would getter page position on my sites. Right now CJ and Performics get above the fold.
    2) Check some of these advertisers that have affiliate links to "under maintenance" or "server down" pages , call our 1800# and then come to find out if you go to their site directly, the site is fine.
    3) Lots more but my gf is standing over me so i can go pick up my car at the repair shop. A lil common sense goes a long way

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    January 17th, 2005
    Actually, I make more money with LS than Performics, so my order of preference is 1)CJ 2)LS 3)Performics... that's right, I left one out.

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