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    This is sooooooo strange. I don't know if I should consider it theft from my site or not. I was browsing some sites tonight, and found this:

    Waynes Mingers

    The first paragraph seems to be a recitation of Wayne's Sexual Exploits. This is followed by Wayne's Cookery Corner ... which just happens to be word for word the opening paragraph at my site.

    Goes no where. Has absolutely nothing to do with the subject. The paragraph just seems to sit there. I'm guessing he needed to fill some space in the middle, and the words from my site just happened to be handy? What do you think?

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    Certainly it is theft but for what? As if the first paragraph that he obviously stole from a porn site wasn't enough, it seems obvious that this is just some fool playing around and making a website.

    Most likely some kid who stays home on the weekends while mom and dad are gone, he's found the key to dad's "naughty cabinet" and spends his time watchin' porn and eating heat and eat meals all day.

    Or maybe he wants to be the Naked Chef LOL.

    His gigalo email address is at the bottom. If you want him to remove it drop him a line and make your email sound like it is his mother talking and tell him to take it off.


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    Theres a link to this site -

    on there. Some kind of auto page generation thingie. I think thats your culprit!


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