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    Will Google notice these affiliate links?
    I'm worried about googling tagging my page as an affiliate site. (In fact they already have. It was just launched, so I'm going to move the content to another domain.) Back to the point, I have an interactive map on the site. When a user clicks on the map, it changes the content of an iframe. If I put affliliate links in pages loaded inside the iframe, will google notice them?

    By the way, the site does have a good amount of content and affiliate links.


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    Google doesn't care if it's an affiliate site. Google cares about duplicate content. Affilite sites tend to duplicate content.
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    Agree 100% with nowires.

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    Agree with chetfs agreement.

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    Google also cares about your incoming link strength. Many affiliate sites don't add value and simply post affiliate links, so they don't garner any links and rank poorly.

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    Trying to fool Google with iframes and other techniques is a short-term measure only. In the long run, you are much better off creating great sites with great content that Google wants to be in its index - then you will have no trouble getting rankings.
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    Include at least 250-300 words about X merchandise on that page, describe how, when, where, why it can be used, what it's made of or anything that is pertinent to it.

    Have a couple of sentences at the bottom of the page. Cross link your site pages. Google won't have a problem.
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