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    June 8th, 2006
    MSN adCenter is completely broken
    The adCenter interface is down, ads are not showing for most terms I've checked, and there are occasional sponsored results on the 3rd or 4th pages. And to add to the fun, the results that somehow have my PPC ads showing are using URLs and ad text that I changed *weeks* ago.

    MSN has got to do something about the stability. I can't pause and unpause campaigns without waiting up to a full day for these actions to take effect. I often see ad text and URLs from ads I either modified or deleted days or even weeks ago. My ads will be showing great for one week, then for the next two weeks will barely turn up for those same keywords. Then maybe they'll start showing again briefly.

    And, the sponsored results are filled on almost every major keyword with arbitrage spammers like,, and (as well as the other MeziMedia horsesh** so-called "comparison" [ha!] sites). Even though Microsoft explicitly states that these are not allowed.

    I'm fed up. PPC is getting completely out of control, from Google's arbitrary unpredictable landing page "guidelines" and so-called improvement in user experience (improvement in profit, sure), to Yahoo's horrible conversion rates, to MSN's unbelievably bad interface and constant instability and slowness, to the arbitragers and link farmers that persist in spamming all 3 of the above and being allowed to exist because of their inefficiency in bidding that lines the big three's pockets. For PPC to work, there needs to be an expectation of predictability and clearly defined rules on bidding, ad placement, and how often ads will appear. We should be spending a lot more time on developing content rather than constant shepherding of the PPC campaigns.

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    July 12th, 2006
    Glad to hear it's not just me. I sent a support request in and they tried to tell me everything is fine with my ads. Some of my ads disappeared entirely and others were just fine. But my number of clicks per day went down by about 80%. The incompetence shown by MSN and Yahoo is incomprehensible some days. I'm kicking myself for not buying Google stock early on.

    Hopefully they will get it resolved soon.

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    Amen to that. MSN has had lots of problems since releasing from Beta last May. I see keywords with 1 - 5 rankings that subsequently show no ads, and constant down time problems. Too bad. When it was in Beta we got an excellent (5 - 7%) conversion and 400% roi. Now it's down to 2nd tier type results even though our historically high performing terms are in solid top positions.

    Hopefully they are going through growth / debugging problems and will get it together - lest G be the only game in town that still produces a positive roi.
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