Hello team,

Back in April 19, 2006 I said we were on track for the $500,000 - "we were taking this program to $500K per month and we are on track."

It has taken us a year to hit the $500,000 in monthly sales but we are finally here. Originally, I estimated we would hit it in December 2006 but looks like we may come very close to the number now in November.

We are at $228K+ for mid month - and it's all you ABW !!!!

Question, do you think we can hit the magic $500,000 number for affiliate channel monthly sales this month?

I think we can with a strong push from all of you, all of you currently driving, we can push a little harder. The ones that are reading this and are not a part of this history making affiliate program, join now and help us hit the $500,000 mark in monthly affiliate program sales.

From $0.00 to $500,000 in montly sales within one year? C'mon, history is calling you !!!!

Join ChecksUnlimited today !!!