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    Strange Query
    Would appreciate some insight into this strange query.

    From my stats all query search will show this type of url: hats&hl=en&lr=&client=safari&rls=en&start=10&sa=N

    I am seeing one particular url as this:
    (I change the domain to mysite and the page as xyz)

    The query on the search is my site url:

    What is strange is that these pages are new, barely 3 days, even the SE has yet to crawl and someone is quering the url.

    The details of the place which make this query is:
    (, San Francisco, United States

    Visit time more than six minutes and 3 new pages queried as the above url.


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    Maybe it's just the guy inside your computer who turns the cogs.
    The same guy who'll shut down your PC on request if he's around, but if he's gone to sleep you'll have to switch it off at the plug


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    no, Dave, that's the Amish Virus. since they don't have computers we have to do the dirty to our PCs ourselves.

    megatonloh: at first glance I'd think this was the result of someone clicking on a link right by your results for "more from this site" or something like that. but if the pages are on there for only three days . . . dunno.

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