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    MySpace Sued by Universal Music
    Universal wants $150,000 for each stolen thing on MySpace!

    LA Times article
    Information Week's coverage
    Excerpts from LA Times article:

    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Universal Music Group sued on Friday, alleging that the social networking site that bills itself as a source of "user generated" content instead trades on "user stolen" songs and music videos.

    The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, described MySpace as a "vast virtual warehouse" of pirated works from some of the company's best-known artists, including Mariah Carey, Diana Krall and U2. Universal claims that "no intellectual property is safe" from the alleged copyright infringement, even unreleased albums such as Jay-Z's "Kingdom Come."
    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    The latest lawsuit could be a test case for broader copyright issues involving sites such as YouTube that allow users to upload content. Google earmarked $200 million of the $1.6 billion it paid for YouTube to deal with copyright lawsuits. Intellectual property lawyers say Universal has no choice: It can't afford to have some sites distributing for free videos that others pay to license. But the issue also complicates business for Universal executives who have sought to embrace social networking as a marketing tool.
    This should be good

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    I think MySpace will eventually just cough up the dough with a nice licensing agreement.

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    I was wondering how long it would take for the "major corps" to start their copyright protection lawsuits once Google acquired YouTube. This should be very interesting to see how it unfolds in settlement agreement.
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    And who will be making all the money from these lawsuits? The lawyers have to be happy!

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    it's about time. alot of people have been expecing it.
    I am suprised that many other companies are not jumping in cos with the napster lawsuit/kazaa, i thought it I would have seen a dozen or so lawsuits by now

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    In the words of Borat... I like!

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    The same thing happened with Youtube. Universal sued them and Youtube pulled them in on a rev-share contract. Now Universal gets a piece of the huge Youtube pie for letting them run their videos. I'm pretty sure Universal is after the same kind of agreement with MySpace.

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    Damn! If only I'd thought to work a similar deal with MSN when those freaking "groups" were stealing from and hotlinking to stuff on my web sites.

    This lack of vision must be a clue to why I'm not a major corporation yet.

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    By the way, Webster's has just announced they have copyrighted all the words in their dictionary. So all you folks will need to cough up some royalties, or else!

    P.S. j/k (<<< to protect my butt from lawyers).

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    Agree with snib, this is just how universal negotiates.

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