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    Question Domain extentions
    Besides my .com I also have the other extentions,.net,.biz,.info,.tv,etc.
    Any suggestions on how I should address these other extentions and use them regarding the search engines? I don't really want to go thru the time of building new sites for these extentions. Thanks

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    I am guessing you have a main site at the .com & the other extensions were registered "defensively" to keep a competitor or someone else from diluting your brand.

    If this is the case, I would just point the DNS for the other extensions to the .com so that any type-in traffic to (etc) would redirect to


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    One thought would be to put a blog on the .net (or whichever) where you talk about your .com site, new products and features, etc. Kind of an "about my .com site" blog. Once you get it going, submit it to a bunch of blog directories, etc. and the links to your .com site from your blog will just be more solid on-topic links from a different site.

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