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    Internal email system
    Might be a dumb question, but is there an internal email system in SAS, as there is in CJ? I know I can use "Contact" to send an email (via a form) to each merchant, but do they reply via an internal system? Or do they automatically receive my email address with the form email I've sent, and have this address to get back to me via my regular email address that I entered in my SAS Account Settings? So far I've been typing in my own email address somewhere in my message to each merchant and asking them to reply to me there.

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    No, they don't have the same system as others. You can send merchants messages thru SAS but the reply will go to your email account on file. Wait, I might be wrong on that:

    "Please use the following to contact the merchant, please make sure to include your name and any contact information if you would like a response from the merchant."

    So not sure if the reply is automatic to your email on file or you need to put it in the message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacedog
    Or do they automatically receive my email address with the form email I've sent
    Now, as a merchant contacting an affiliate here is what happens.

    If the box next to the message is checked you will receive a copy of your message with the affiliates email address as the To: and your email address as the From and CC: fields.

    So, not only will the affiliate receive your email, you will receive theirs. After this initial contact, everything continues through email, no need to provide your address in the body.

    I know you asked about an affiliate contacting a merchant, but I would guess it is the same as this.

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    When a merchant gets an email from an affiliate via SAS, it comes with your address in it so we can just hit reply and answer you back.
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