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    Unhappy Bad News!

    I felt that I should let you know this. Rexanne had been working with us and she found that a sale never tracked. After that i placed a test order and it worked never seemed to have a problem.

    But the conversion always was low, sometimes it jumped up well and good sometimes it just sucked.

    Anway, recently i was sitting with my techguys to integrate subtracking in another affiliate network that we use. He was checking codes and stumbled apon something strange. The SAS tracking code was placed in a section where there was a clause dealing with credit card authorization.

    Every sale that was for a date in the future like after 4 days from the time of placing the order the sale never was tracked. Flora2000 has been working with SAS before i got here, I am just glad that i was siiting with the tech guy when he was doing all this.

    I dont even know if I should have told you about this, it will never happen again. I will be going home now will deal with the responses tomoro! Have a nice day.
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    You were wondering if you should have posted this. I notice you do post a lot of messages on the spur of the might be best pause and think a bit before doing so and to have actual proof or documentation before trying to alarm folks. For now, I suggest you send what you have to SAS and let them investigate. They are very good at it and can provide you with appropriate feedback regarding this situation.
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    This honesty and forthrightness is a lot more than I would ever expect from many (or most) other AM's, including some who maintain a high profile around here.

    You are my new ####ing hero, Clyde. I want to shake your hand and buy you a beer (or three or four )
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