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    Has anyone...??
    Ever given it any thought what you might be doing if the PC didn't take off like it did.. or the Internet was never invented...???

    What would you be doing right now if all this wasn't there.....

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    I believe this thread pretty much covers your question?!

    What would you be doing if computers were never invented?
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    To be serious for a moment (but only a moment ) I would likely have much less contact with friends and family as we're spread across the globe. I would run around a lot more because I couldn't comparison shop online or just buy from eBay and the likes. Pictures would be so much more costly and it would take forever for them to get around. I'd have less jokes in my life. I'd not know a whole lot of news from other parts of the world. Finding jobs would be tough and time consuming. Thank goodness for the internet!!!

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    Well I wouldn't have won the Netherlands lottery 10 or more times. I keep sending my $2000 deposit but I've yet to see my winnings...if someone knows how to collect let me know.


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    Selling at art festivals. I used to be very artsy...but then I bought a computer.

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    Already answered this one in the other thread ... this question makes my brain hurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddHandler
    What would you be doing right now if all this wasn't there.....
    I'd probably be selling or marketing via other channels (phone, TV, physical storefront, flea market )


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    I would have probably had a much better last 10 years, a lot better social life and more fun. Although I love what I do now and the future looks good I do wish in a way that I never got a PC back in 96 & got online the same year. I would have been happy still been a chef & would have enjoyed the last 10 years a lot more even though I would have had to work over hot stoves etc and not have much of a future after been a chef... I have no regrets though but If I had a choice again then I would have to think about it...
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