Hey boys and girls,

I just wanted to pass along our best wishes to everyone for a very meaningful, enjoyable day with family and friends this Thanksgiving. This is my favorite day of the year because it involves having my wife, sons, daughters in law and (now) our two grand babies with us for the whole day and enjoying those special smells that only come on this day! Yummmm

We have a ball together, playing with our granddaughter, playing horse shoes (provided the weather holds out as it's predicted to do) watching some football with my sons, snacking endlessly on the great stuff that mom and the girls whip up. The boys even get me to stop talking about business for a day... LOL

It's truly a time when the love of family, friends and mankind seems to come out in all of us. This year I'm sure I'll have little fisher on my lap and have long talks with him (babbling and smiling) and playing with his toes and hands. Man - it is going to be one wonderful day!!

I wish you all the same kind of joy, be it with friends or family or both. Enjoy and relax my friends.