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    January 17th, 2005
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow affiliates. Not everyone celebrates this day, but I still wanted to say thanks to all of you for being here to share.

    Have a great day!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Ditto and same to you airstrip

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    January 17th, 2005
    Wishing all my fellow ABW's a Happy Thanksgiving... for those that this is not a holiday.. well have a Happy WeekDay

    I am pooped... got all the leftovers tucked into the freezer and all the dishes stacked in the kitchen. Now if the dishwasher fairy would just arrive and load the dishwasher this really will be a thankful day
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    January 18th, 2005
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'll be going for my 5 hours of boredom, er... "family meal" soon...

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    January 18th, 2005
    India / Thailand
    Oops I missed this thread

    Belated Thanksgiving to all fella mates here on ABW.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I never understood why many young American people dread their family Thanksgiving dinners. Can somebody enlighten me?

    Happy Thanksgiving all around!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Nunya, Business
    Sometimes not all the relatives get along. Or sometimes they don't like who they married.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Los Angeles
    Is everyone in North America stuffed and happy? I am! Awesome meal, awesome company ... hope everyone had a great time and remembered to be grateful for all the good in your lives at least a few seconds today.

    Airstrip - I, too, am grateful for ABWers who share themselves.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    January 18th, 2005
    In Razerback country.
    I never understood why many young American people dread their family Thanksgiving dinners. Can somebody enlighten me?
    When you get to spend time with people you enjoy, it's a wonderful thing. When you have to go spend time with people you don't enjoy, it's boring and negative.

    Long ago, when I was younger I decided that when I was the matriarch of the whole group, I would make sure that everyone understood they were welcome, but it was not a command performance. They come for Thanksgiving when they can and when they can't - we don't fuss.

    Just to shake it up once every few years, we call them all in September and say "Make your own plans - we're going away for the weekend by ourselves".

    I think some families use holiday gatherings to try and lecture their kids on some part of their life they don't agree with. Right off the bat, everyone's mad and sensitive to criticism. It makes for a very long day.

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    March 25th, 2005
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Judi, that is a wonderful idea.

    I had a wonderful time with my family and a few friends. When I was a kid, I too remember everyone dredding these events, so we keep it casual at my house with only one rule. EVERYONE has to say what they are truly thankful for at dinner, which makes for a great reminder of why we get together in the first place.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful time! Belated Happy Turkey day to all.
    Danay @
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    January 18th, 2005
    Great food, great wine, great company, and we did all say what we were thankful for.

    At the end of the day, I was most thankful to go home to the valley that I now call home, and know that I have friends around the world... the people that called were as important as the people in the room....

    Friends and family... and doing the kind of work that you are passionate about... that is what Thanksgiving and the holiday season ... is about....
    Deborah Carney

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