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    for setting up a forum after dumping a bunch of affiliates on this board and then running off the rest.

    BTW, Last month was my best ever with Zappos, and oddly enough, there were no returns....

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    Originally posted by Tzu:
    BTW, Last month was my best ever with Zappos, and oddly enough, there were no returns....

    Wish I could say the same - 4 out of 6 were reversed for me. Last month 1 out of 1. I can't wait to see what next month brings.

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    So I have come to this conclusion, SHOES SUCK! I am not even going to wear them anymore in protest. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img] No shoes no shirt no service we shall see about that...

    "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
    - Thomas Jefferson

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    I got two shoe sales last month, both for 40 something dollars for Zappos, both were reversed, it seems shoes are reversed quite frequently.

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    Well.....for once....All sales locked in for Zappos. Hurray!!!

    It's not Brook's fault about the terminations. But he's got to quit insulting the rest of us, by asking us to promote famous footware.

    If he ever dares, to email me, and ask me to join Famous Footware, he'll get one nasty email.

    RULE: If you cancel my account, expect to be permanent, not temporary, not well we'll see how this goes, and hopefully we can work together in the future bull pucky.

    Merchants got a get a clue, they aren't the only one's on the net. Sometimes they think the moon revolves around them.

    Discount Shoes....Value Shoes...........who long as their shoes are selling. Give me a break. Image? What image will there be when there's 3000 - 10, 000 affiliates promoting their competition, who will even know they are around after a while.

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    100% of Zappos sales locked.

    This was my first month trying shoes.

    Never would have even considered using shoe merchants (I just can't picture someone buying shoes online) but the Flatulous Footware Fiasco tempted me to try it, and I gave in to the temptation.

    Thank you, Brook. Zappos thanks you too.

    Looking for affiliates now? Don't come crying to me. I am quite content to stick with my top 50 merchants.

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    I agree with the comments about Zappos - returns were unreal for August! around 45% for us and 50% for another (in a different thread).

    I applaud the new policy of no returns, this makes sense. Now if we can only increase conversions or sales...EPC is extremely low at, this is where the work begins...

    Shoes needs to be able to grab the buyer once we get them there! The missing piec of the puzzle.

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    I agree about Zappos. They really need to fix whatever the problem is. I was lucky this month and only had a couple reversed which is unusual. The normal always seemed to be about 50-60%.
    As for I have always had very good results with them other than last month. I made a couple changes to the pages this month and they are starting to convert again. The text links with the brand names seem to convert the best FWIW.

    That being said, Brook is there any chance of FF coming up with links like that have the shoe brand name in them?

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