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    Merchants who sell Game Consoles
    Hello all,

    Looking for merchants who sell game consoles such as the xbox, nintendo ds, psp....

    So far I've found the following.

    EA Games
    Best Buy
    Circuit City
    Toys r us

    Can anyone reccomend any others, especially ones that do nice commission



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    just a thought..

    look at return days, conversion also.

    commission is nice but some have some cookie/return days of 0.258 days which is about 6 hours +.

    All the best

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    Also, check to see if the merchant has different commissions on different products. I'm pretty sure has all their consoles in a special "0% commission" group.

    Don't miss eBay and Overstock Auctions. With the low commissions on consoles from most merchants, eBay is actually fairly competitive.
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    Here's a summary of the consoles sales on eBay for November:

    Looks like Wii is way ahead numerically but PSP3 commands a higher premium.


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