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    ValueClick Video

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    TN1, nice find!

    Video ads, heating up. Smells good for my emerging video ads side biz.

    Wonder if VC properly licensed the music in their ads... no reason to suspect it, just been seeing it in so many places by other parties that I wonder if the big boys dot their i's and cross their t's.

    The preview screen looks hacked from the MPAA ratings folks... wonder if they licensed that as well...

    Minor copyright musings aside, very interesting development.

    And since it's ValueClick, I also wonder what the term will be for video spam... (from wikipedia) we've already got e-mail spam, instant messaging spam, Usenet / newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, blog spam and mobile phone messaging spam... will it be video spam... vid spam... since it's a movie of the junk named after the delicious meat product, I think somebody could be more creative than video spam... since pics will undoubtedly sizzle, maybe porn-like spam... sporn... porm... vam... who knows, maybe another meat product for the new medium... spaloney... speiner... spausage...

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    how about spamideo ;-)

    nice find!

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    Great find, kind of looks just like what people are already doing on myspace etc... Nice too see them jumping in.

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