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    alexa toolbar
    I just made my own alexa toolbar. Basically its the alexa toolbar, except shopping searches are routed through my amazon aff ID. Is this ethical tho? What do you guys think of the alexa toolbar? It has no spyware and doesn't affect any other merchant. anyone had success with it?

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    I just saw this on the Alexa site:
    "Associate Toolbar Version 2"

    "When your toolbar is used to make purchases on you get paid a commission from the Amazon associate program."

    It's one of those interesting debateable things though. I wonder how many people will actually be using it? I was never an Amazon fan. I've always been able to make better use of the space.

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    All I know is I'm not a fan of ANY toolbar. IMO they ALL have the motive of trying to weasel into your browser/OS in order to overwrite commissions, install spyware, monitor your browsing habits or data mine at the very least.

    And what do they offer in return? Usually they only save you a click. (that it takes to visit the actual website)

    Actually this alexa toolbar thing might be a good idea. If literally thousands of websites are pushing a toolbar, the public in general might realize how 'valuable' they are and be done with them.

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    Simcat, welcome to 1998.

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