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    Domain catagorie weight in seo
    So as we all know its getting harder to find good .com domains but how effective is it to have one in the .net .info or in the .us catagory?

    Are you going to lose traffic to the .com? My head is still spinning from all of the SEO info that i have been reading, and i would like to here it from some one who is living it.

    I mean i got very lucky with my (edited out link) domain as it had a good history before i bought it. It had expired. But would i have the same visablity if i had went for a .info or .us

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    I'd stick with .com

    .net or .info would be okay for a directory or a built for adsense type site, but not for a site that you want people to remember and revisit.

    There are quite a few sites dedicated to expiring domains. You might be able to find something that route.

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