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    What does EPC-Total mean?
    What does EPC-Total mean? Is this some limit the merchant will pay per affiliate or what?

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    EPC is an approximate measurement of the aggregate affiliate earnings per 100 clicks sent to a merchant.... Total is opposed to "This Month", it is an overall for the whole length of the program.

    It isn't a limit, just a measurement to give affiliates a better idea as to what to expect...and help them plan.

    There is more on the EPC in our "Help" section if you login....

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    I don't see an EPC-Total stat for any merchants. I see EPC (100) for 7 days and for 30 days, and that's it. Where is Total shown?

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    Bumping this. Any SASers know where merchant EPC-Total would show for affiliates to see? I can't find it, so maybe it's only available for the individual merchant to access? It actually would be a nice stat for us. Looking at performance for 7 and 30 days (only) can give skewed data.

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