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    Angry "wrap rage"
    In an effort to keep toys intact and music players from being pilfered, the consumer products industry has moved en masse into a style of wrapping that's more prison than package. The hard plastic clamshell container, with its fused seams, is so impenetrable it has even spawned its own safecracking tools: razor-sharp gadgets designed to slash through all that stuff.

    "I hate it. I hate it," the IRS manager says of the ubiquitous plastic clamshell, resistant to scissors, razor blades and loud swearing. "Sometimes you stop and feel that plastic and if it's the really hard kind, you think, 'Do I really want to bother with this?' "


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    I can relate!

    For the past few years my husband and I open every thing and take off all the twisties and crap before we wrap it up.

    If it is cool we "test it" to make sure "it works" *wink wink* too! The year we bought the kids a PS2 we played it for Weeks when the kids were in bed before they got it for christmas! *LOL*

    We leave one or two on to hold it in place and that is it.

    Cuts down on Christmas morning frustration!
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