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    Zango tries to reinstall trust? yeah, right
    I just came across this article on yahoo about zango

    Be sure you read this before eating, the spin is downright disgusting and you might lose your lunch!

    It is amazing how they can say these things with a straight face.

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    "IWK: Is click fraud an issue for you?
    Smith: It's not. It is non-existent in our network, not because we're super-smart guys or anything. It's just the way our system works."
    What a F.. liar! I can't wait for the first day in jail of Keith Smith.

    For a better reading:
    "Bad Practices Continue at Zango, Notwithstanding Proposed FTC Settlement and Zango's Claims"
    "In today's joint piece with Eric Howes, I present numerous specific examples of violations -- along with appropriate screenshot and video proof showing the prohibited practices. "
    Ben Edelman

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    IWK: Have you resolved Ben Edelman's recent complaint that Zango isn't complying with the terms of its FTC settlement?

    Smith: What I'll say is we have a line-by-line response I'll be happy to share with you. I'd prefer not to get into the details myself. I will say this: There are people, and I won't identify anyone specifically, but if you look at the loud detractors of us in particular not of the space, because spyware is a problem but the loud detractors of Zango, most of them, if not all of them, have a direct financial benefit to continue to churn out fear about us and about this space. Whether they are selling software or whether they are selling consulting services, they have a direct financial incentive to make us look bad. Second, what I'd say is we have hired Richard Purcell, who is former chief privacy officer at Microsoft. He's the chairman of TRUSTe, he knows the security space very, very well, and he has come in and is doing an exhaustive audit of us to make sure we are in full compliance with the FTC settlement we signed.

    the usual... the people who bust us just do it to make money, we on the other hand, are just helping people...

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    I read 4 sentences.

    InformationWeek: Tell me about what's been going on with the FTC.

    Smith: It's a great thing for us. It's a great thing for the industry. For the first time now we have the federal government coming out and saying specifically yes, we do think that in order to install software on a user's computer you should use plain language, notice and consent, and there're are the rules around that.
    Now my editorial:

    You (Zango) didn't consider that on your own... had to let the government step in to tell you. That was enough for me to read... Thanks a lot for your contributions to the industry! Here is a thought though, the other 99% of us, we didn't need the government to tell us that installing junk on their machines without consent was wrong. Just FYI.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    Funny they must be allowing their advertisers to target our trademark by accident.
    Angel Djambazov
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