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    How do you find if incentives are paid
    I know how to find what's been paid today, this week, this month. BUt if I am specifically looking for if an incentive has been paid exactly where do I look to find them. I know I should know where to look, but either i haven't gotten any incentives (which I should have) or they are hiding b/c they rn't straight commissions.

    Anyway, exactly how should I look at the report to find any incentive payments I might have receieved?



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    These incentive bonuses really confused me for quite a while until I figured out how it all works:

    In my experience they show up as "Bonus" as their specific "Type" in the regular CJ commission detail reports (though it could be "Performance Incentive" as Type but I've never seen one), once they've been credited. I don't have a ton of CJ merchants that I earn enough for an incentive with, so I can't make an authoritative statement on how and when they are credited. For me, the couple of merchants I get bonuses from generally wait until around the 10th of the following month, sometimes later, before they add them. Then they backdate the "event date" to the end of the prior month, but of course the "posting date" is still partway through the following month (posting date is exactly when the transaction/bonus is added).

    It's hit or miss for me; sometimes I will actually receive the bonus in the next CJ check around the 20th of the month after the one in which I actually earned the incentive, but I try not to count on receiving it. It can sometimes be in the next month's check. I suggest not expecting incentives to be paid out by CJ (and the merchant) right away, and also I recommend looking at your reports carefully to make sure your merchants actually pay them out.

    Start looking for them around the 10th. When doing Transaction Reports in CJ, go to Report Options, make sure to choose "Action Status: All", also choose "Commission Detail", and change the Type to "Type: Bonus" and then try "Type: Performance Incentives" in your next report to see which of the two (or both) they show up in. Also make sure to set "Select Time Frame" to "posting date" and with the current month, or to last month if you want to see the bonuses from then.

    Choosing "posting date" or "event date" makes a big difference in what you get, so play around with it until you get the hang of what each of those represents for a given time period that you select. As I mentioned, bonuses are posted in the next month, but usually "evented" at the end of the month they apply to (in my experience). You can use either posting date or event date with a specified month, depending on what month's bonus you'd like to find. It's a bit confusing but try it out and it'll make sense.

    Just remember no merchant is going to calculate and credit it right away (for example on Dec 1 for Nov's sales); it takes a while. I can't even imagine how mucky it is if you get incentives from a merchant that automatically extends all sales for 30 days.

    Unless there is some automated system for applying these bonuses that some merchants use, it'll take a while and you have to be patient. Certainly my merchants, the ones I qualify for incentives with, don't have such a thing. I've often wondered why CJ's system doesn't just do this for the merchants. An educated guess is that merchants often want to have total control over this process in case they plan to reverse ("correct") some sales from the prior month. I'd love immediate bonuses! But alas, it doesn't work that way.

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    I had a merchant tell me that CJ posts them 45 days after the close of the month earned. I think what is happening here is that those that let the CJ system handle it for them do post in 45 days. However, there are some merchants that post them before the pay date (20th) of the following month. My guess is that these merchants choose to post them manually.

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