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    How to split affiliate fees with another site?
    I have the opportunity to help a resource website better monetize their traffic. I can split revenue from adsense, but would like to tap into affiliate marketing to better monetize.

    Anyone know of a solid way to split affiliate advertising revenues with another party other than just having them trust me to send them the check (or vice-versa)? I would most likely be using programs from various networks (CJ, Shareasale, Azoogle, etc.)

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    Your best bet would probably be a click-splitting method like what GoldenCAN uses. Use your affiliate links on a certain percentage of the clicks and use their affiliate links the rest of the time.

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    Hi Avalanche - I see this is your first post here. Welcome to ABW. Other than the trust factor, not sure what to tell you. Perhaps others here might have suggestions. But if there is an answer you can probably find it here. Look forward to your participation and shared insights here in the clubhouse.

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    only way right now is what Mike mentioned. Not a lot of ways to work around this and you can't really break it down to 50-50,etc

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    Like GoldenCAN
    aha... so you mean like one of the rotating php (or asp) ad scripts that would roughly display each of our own ads X% of the time?

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