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    To those of you who have said that I have misread or misunderstood Haiko's comment regarding the copier and the aff only forum, and have dropped the s-word and b-word in the process, I am generously returning your s-word and b-word.

    Here is a quote from page 6 of the "You have 24 hours..." thread.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    ...and Third, there appears to be more to the word "help" than just general advice.

    Yes, there is more to "help" than than gen knowledge ... aff only forum!

    Enjoy your words.

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    Nighthawk, thanks for finding the quote.

    I do still believe that much more was read into the quote than what was intended. And I believe that many people were picking up on certain things just to keep things stirred up. Just my opinion.

    As far a me saying "haven't we had enough BS" in the forum here lately - I will not apologise. There was too much BS (in my opinion) going on.

    Did I contribute to the problem, probally.

    Many things were said by many and it did get out of hand. For whatever part I played, I do apologise.

    You feel like you were slighted - I am sorry for that. I also felt slighted in the sense that (to me it seemed) it was insinuated that those in the private forum had helped in some wrong doing - which is far from the truth. Since I am in that forum, I felt the need to say that was not what was going on.

    Probally I could have handled it much better. For that I will apologise.

    I have allready apologised for something I said in particular that was uncalled for. I will state it again, I was wrong.

    I am not a horrible person and I am sure you are not either. I am human and I got upset.


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