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    Thumbs up Fees for launching an affiliate program on Linkshare?
    Anybody got any feedback on launching an affiliate program with the network please? What has your experience been?

    Also what are the fees like compared to the other big networks?

    Many thanks.

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    like any network, i think there is always room for negotiation with the big 3 (0r 4) networks. although the $$ amount might not change greatly, there is always the carrot and the donkey. Sales reps of networks should or might have the liberty to throw in things like free merchandizer (data feed) or something along that line. I know that multiyear contracts will get you lots of carrots

    I do not think i can disclose our fees cos I might get a letter from steve

    there are pros and cons (benefits-cost) for every network, just do your homework

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    I don't like LinkShare (or CJ), and strongly recommend against using either solution.

    My understanding is that LinkShare commands an up-front (setup) fee in the $5,000 range, and has monthly minimum fees of $2,500 or so. I'm sure that's all negotiable, and varies depending on the salesperson and the contract date.

    In the past, CJ and LinkShare had very "possessive" affiliate policies, making it difficult for merchants who left the network to continue relationships with their affiliates. I think that's all in the past, but watch for any contract provisions.

    Also pay attention to the contract period -- don't commit to 12 or 24 months of minimum fees if you aren't willing to pay those fees even if few sales come from the program.

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    From what I've heard, LinkShare is by far the most expensive network, both in terms of upfront costs, ongoing fees, and nickel and diming for things that others include. They're also the least open about their pricing, so you'll have a hard time finding out unless you contact them. That said, I think they're very negotiable on many of the fees, especially with large brands or OPMs that deal exclusively with LinkShare. If you're considering LinkShare, you might want to talk to one of the OPMs that run multiple programs there.

    I saw you asking about other networks, so let me remind you of the main contract provision that merchants don't like with LinkShare:


    If you go with LinkShare, their contract probably won't allow you to have an affiliate program with any other network or even an in-house one.

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